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UROBOARD is made to enhance the training/learning and deliverability whether in corporate, or any academic society. This ingenious technology developed by Europa TechnoSoft is aimed at elevating the level of erudition that can improve the productivity and quality of any organization and its people. This one-socket- technology will eliminate the Chalkboard and projector based whiteboard usages. Green in its DNA, UROBOARD is easy and simple to use, cost-effective and maintenance free.


  • 55” LED full HD(1080P) unbreakable screen.

  • 3.0 GHZ multi core processing power.

  • 4 GB RAM to handle any large data processing.

  • 500 GB usable storage.

  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi for internet connectivity.

  • 178 degree viewing angle.

  • Full touch screen device.

  • Interactive Pen for Easy.


    It consists of Uropaper-3.0 Operating system which has following salient features :

  • Crash proof.

  • Virus-proof.

  • 3-touch system (Most of the operations can be done only by tapping 3 times).

  • User-friendly.

  • Fully interactive.

  • Remote-assistance system for resolving any and every issue as it may arise.


  • Prior computer knowledge not required.

  • Interactive learning session to improve knowledge.

  • Negligible downtime.

  • Comparatively 40% less power consumption.

  • Teacher and student friendly.

  • Exposure to the world though IT.

  • Help in building innovation culture at institutional level.

  • Bring experts from the school to value add in the learning session.

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    UROBOARD consists of an in built application named Whiteboard Application which is built to help user to teach or learn anything and everything, explore and showcase internal creativity, deep-dive into any topic, explaining in more ways, build knowledge library, teach any process with ease on a blank canvas that is larger than a football ground. It’s features include :

  • Multi Image Viewer 
  • Pdf Viewer 
  • Office World ( xls, doc, ppt, etc) 
  • Play School: This app will help you to make your small kids learn fast with you 
  • Video conferencing (Skype, Google Hangouts) 
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